Monday, December 28, 2009


Okay so this is what I'd like to know. When I was 20-21 if I ever talked to a guy older than much older than me, it was either a. b/c he was immature and more like my age b. someone that maybe I was interested in (and stupid about it at the time) or c. a one off situation like with my best guy friend Neil. In most cases it was just that I thought this older guy was hot. Now lets take these stupid 20 year olds who are friends with my boyfriend. Do I have any fears that something will happen, no...I know he won't do anything...what boggles my mind is why these stupid girls want to be his friend in the first place...he is what 7 years older than you...get your own friends! BAHHH It's totally not a jealousy's just that come on....there are enough girls crushing on my boyfriend in our own age the young and usually stupid are crushing on my boyfriend. Give me a break....please.

I'm wondering now...I wonder if any young guys have crushes on me? Probably not...maybe...who knows...all I know is that I wouldn't be hanging out with them. F. I am re-reading this and I totally sound bitter and jealous...I swear I'm can be the judge. There is probably no one reading this so that is a-okay!

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